Monday, December 4

Coming Soon: Holiday recipes

I realize I'm way, way overdue for a post-Thanksgiving update. We had a really great time and there were tons of celiac-friendly dishes (some recipes were more successful than others. For example,I never even brought out the scary, rubbery stuffed tofurky). In the next couple of days, I'll post on the chocolate-rum bundt cake (so moist and wonderful, no one knew it was gluten-free), wild mushroom/corn bread stuffing, and parsnip and sweet potato puree.

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Anonymous said...

hi jennifer,
i chanced upon your website because of seeing someone featured on the foodnetwork (a little ad). it was glutenfreegirl who dates a chef. from her site i ended up checking other sites and came to yours. it is so refreshing to see folks just loving food and figuring it out (as opposed to looking at all of the dark and dire clinical celiac websites.thanks. keep on eating and enjoying. for me all of this has been a progression over many years. i've had to cut out this then that. the cool thing is that while i initially felt deprived, i was forced to become a really good and creative cook...because i loved food so much, and because i knew that there still were (for all intensive purposes )infinite ingredient combos i knew that i could still make delicious food. kinda like folks thinking food couldn't taste good if there was no meat. meat is just one ingredient. yeah, we relate to it pretty pervasively in this culture, but look at all of the extraordinary vegetarian options. same with gluten. pretty pervasive. still many options. we just don't get to learn them from mainstream culture or from our mom. anyway, point is i love that no one can take away that there is good food to be had and creative expression that comes out of exploring how to make it! i think it's pretty cool when i get on to it with a particular food you with risotto. so thanks for investing your creativity in your food and your blog site. cook on! mary