Monday, August 27

goodbye, summer. hello, serious cooking.

It's almost Labor Day, this summer seems to have flown by particularly fast and I'm feeling slightly melancholy about it. I had big dreams for summer '07—visiting pools, swimming in oceans, hiking, river tubing, taking road trips with friends. But, instead, it was one of those periods of adult-life where work won out, AP was often away on business, and I spent many a sweaty Saturday sitting at my desk at home focussing on personal projects and stuff for my day job.
However, these things have a way of balancing themselves out. And while I made lots of delicious, oven-free dishes this summer and discovered a slew of wonderful places to dine gluten-free (especially the enchiladas here and the omakase here—just bring your own soy sauce), I'm also really missing the real, elaborate, cozy cooking that happens when it's brisk and windy and chilly outside. Sweater-weather cooking. I'm looking forward to baking more and trying out my new toys: the crock pot, waffle maker, and GF bread baker. But before this, I have one last summer hoorah: I'm going to Vegas. After that, I'm going to go on a week-long cleanse. Expect dispatches from both. Hope everyone enjoys these last days of summer. I look forward to sharing recipes in the fall. Be Well.

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